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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Europa Motor Home with 18,500 miles

This 1996 Europa Motor Home was manufactured by USA Corporation of Indiana and possession by the original owner began in September, 1997 until his death last year when his family sold it to me with 11,100 miles on it.
USA Corporation was purchased by Dynamax and this same model (Europa 23RB) was sold first in 1997 as a Europa then as an Isata by Dynamax which then cost-cut to use a Ford van front instead of the aerodynamic Europa style you see here. Perhaps because of the Dynamax name, the prices for them are higher.
This Europa was purchased in April, 2005 from an estate of an industrialist in Dodge City, Kansas through the broker RV dealer ( Through extensive phone conversations I was convinced the Europa was an exceptional buy: one owner, 11,100 total miles, used only to drive from Dodge City to Lawrence, KS to attend Univ Kansas football games. When I drove the Europa back to New York I followed the same glass-smooth road across the flat plains from western to eastern Kansas. The drive was quiet and I recorded 14 MPG.
Before taking delivery, via phone, we negotiated some preventative maintainance. The engine, a Chevy 350 cu (5.7L) small block V8 is unusual in an RV, and ideally suited to this one with none of the issues of the 454 V8. Yet it had only 11,000 miles after 8+ years so I was fortunate that the local Chevy dealer dropped the transmission and replaced the rear seal as well as doing a complete chassis and engine maintainance. As the drive train will be used more often, the rear seal should last many years.
I was surprised upon delivery at how immaculate and new the RV looked. Many things had never been touched (bathroom, kitchen) and the generator had only 85 hours on it, probably running the central air overland. The coach was immaculate and it still is. I purchased a HEPA quality vacuum cleaner to keep it dust and dirt free. The vacuum is included with the Europa.
As to the quality of construction, I have been around many RV's and had a similar type for over 10 years. The construction is extremely tight and well-engineered: steel cage frame, solidly insulated from climate and sound, and first class materials (FlexSteel furniture, coil spring mattress, etc.). There is a residential style dead bolt lock on the main entry; the electric Ramco mirrors are heated. All tanks and pipes are inside or heated if needed. The driver's seat is 6-way electrically adjustable and the steering wheel has tilt. The TV and VCR work perfectly along with the manually raised and amplified antenna. A switch over to LCD+DVD would be simple though I do not use the Europa to watch TV.
The bed is very comfortable (I am 5'10", 175 lbs) though if you are over 6'2" it might be too short. Around the rear bed are spacious overhead cabinets with reading spot lights mounted beneath for each side. The windows all open with turn knobs for cross ventilation while providing excellent security (breakins are practically impossible given the design). There are day-nights shades throughout the coach with a privacy drape for the windshield which snaps in place in less than one minute.
The pictures are from April, 2006 and show the current condition. There is no damage or body damage. At the bottom of this page are the scuffs on 3 of the 4 corners encountered either on NYC streets or in a parking lot at the teachning hospital where I leave on Fridays for weekend or longer trips (so far, NJ Shore, Pennsylvania and Vermont) . I should emphasize that the Europa has always performed flawlessly and is a pleasure to maneuver, being relatively light, fitting easily into parking spots and shopping center spaces.
There are two "basement" storage units with 3' x 1' entrance doors with 4' x 2' x 1' carpet-board spaces for storing beach chairs, tools, parts, and outdoor supplies. The full length awning works easily and provides a fine shaded space alongside the passenger side and entrance. There is a separate screen door cleverly built into the main door.
Bathing is also seamless for a normal person. The tub is usable as is the shower. I sit on the recessed tub seat with the tub filled with water, dip and soap up, then drain the tub and shower to finish my bath. The entire bath is as-new. I use Gel-Gloss for the hard interior surfaces (included). The bath is small yet private with the vanity sink outside with medicine chest and mirror. Moving forward, there are two opposing closets for hanging clothes, one longer than the other with top shelves.

Forward still is the like-new refrigerator with spacious capacity and large freezer compartment. Opposite is the 4-burner LPG stove and microwave oven beneath. Upon delivery to me the microwave still had original materials from the factory inside it, having never been used. The formica counter tops are spacious for this size RV with ample preparation space. The stove burners are held in place by a solid oak cutting board with rubber feet which fit within the burners holding ll securely and silently while travelling. The double sink is stainless steel. Water pressure everywhere is excellent. Overhead are cabinets lined with rubbery lining to keep dishes, etc. in place while on the move. Drawers line the right side cabinets from sink to floor. A large double door openning under the sink holds supplies. All doors and cabinets latch with marine style "push to lock" hardward. Across from the kitchen area, there is a storable table so "dinner for two" on the couch is available.


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At 8:39 PM, Blogger BytesDoc said...

I am looking for contact information for the gentlemen, Two Heads,, that posted info about being owner of the 1996 Europa. My email address is
Thanks, Mike

At 6:47 PM, Blogger Delores Chappell said...

I just bought a 96 Europa. We are in the process of my hubby doing some repairs on a few things. Most things are in decent shape. I am also wondering what the the switch that says heater is for. It is next to the switch that says SVC LTS and is labeled HEAT. It does not control the furnace as that has a different switch. I have not found any info about it in the paper work that we have.

At 12:03 PM, Blogger HeidiHO said...

I'm just starting to shop for one of these. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

At 7:51 AM, Blogger Delores Chappell said...

I posted earlier and I think the switch is for heating the waste holding tank but still not sure. I made a trip to Florida in it and actually stayed in it for 7 weeks. I love it! Is there any groups of Europa owners like some other brands do?

At 7:51 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

How do you release the pop up table stowed beneath the sofa?

At 11:35 AM, Blogger Sharon Perkins said...

We just purchased a 1995 Europa, has miles but is mint. I, too was looking for a club to join.

At 6:32 PM, Blogger FARA & JACK said...

Anyone have one for sale ? Thanks Fara

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I have a 1993 Europa, with 36,500 miles that I would like to sell. Is there a club or a board somewhere that I can post it on??? Or if anyone knows of someone interested in purchasing?

At 7:39 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Need an owners manual for our 1995 28' Europa, anyone have an idea where we might obtain one. Feel free to contact us regarding this at Thank you


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